Download the current stable version of Nicotine+ for your operating system. For the release notes, see

If you want to download the latest unstable build and help test Nicotine+, see

GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris


To use stable packages on Ubuntu and Debian, add the nicotine-team/stable PPA repository by running the following:

sudo apt install software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nicotine-team/stable
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 6CEB6050A30E5769
sudo apt update
sudo apt install nicotine

If you prefer to install a .deb package directly, you can download one here.

Unlike the repository installation method, you need to download and install Nicotine+ from the link above every time you want to update to the latest version.


To install Nicotine+ on Fedora, run the following:

sudo dnf install nicotine+

Arch Linux/Manjaro/Parabola

Nicotine+ is available in the community repository of Arch Linux, Manjaro and Parabola. To install, run the following:

sudo pacman -S nicotine+

Void Linux

To install Nicotine+ on Void Linux, run the following:

sudo xbps-install -S nicotine+

Other Distributions


If your Linux distribution supports Flatpak, you can install the current stable version of Nicotine+ from Flathub.


If Nicotine+ is not packaged for your system, the current stable version can be installed using pip.

Ensure the runtime dependencies are installed, and run the following:

pip3 install nicotine-plus

Keep in mind that Nicotine+ will not update automatically. When a new release is available, run the following:

pip3 install --upgrade nicotine-plus


Official Release

Stable Windows installers for Nicotine+ are available for download. Installing Nicotine+ requires administrator privileges.

NOTE: The installer format has changed since Nicotine+ 3.2.0. If you are upgrading from Nicotine+ 3.1.1 or earlier, please uninstall Nicotine+ first (this will not remove your existing settings).

Portable packages are also available. They can be run from any folder and do not require installation or administrator privileges.


Nicotine+ can be installed using Scoop. Run the following:

scoop bucket add extras
scoop install extras/nicotine-plus

In order to upgrade Nicotine+ to a newer release, run the following:

scoop update nicotine-plus


Nicotine+ can be installed using Chocolatey. Run the following:

choco install nicotine-plus

In order to upgrade Nicotine+ to a newer release, run the following:

choco upgrade nicotine-plus


Official Release (Catalina/10.15 and newer)

A stable macOS installer for Nicotine+ is available on macOS Catalina 10.15 and newer.

NOTE: You have to follow these instructions the first time you open Nicotine+ on macOS.