Nicotine+ is a graphical client for the Soulseek peer-to-peer network.

Nicotine+ aims to be a pleasant, free and open source (FOSS) alternative to the official Soulseek client, providing additional functionality while keeping current with the Soulseek protocol.

Nicotine+ uses GTK for its graphical user interface, and is written in Python.

Check out the screenshots and source code.

Download Nicotine+

The current stable version of Nicotine+ is 3.2.0, released on December 18, 2021. See the release notes.

Stable builds are available for:

If you want to download unstable builds and help test Nicotine+, see

Getting Involved

If you feel like contributing to Nicotine+, several options are available:

Where did the name Nicotine come from?

I was in a geeky mood and was browsing’s QDB.
I stumbled across this quote:

<etc> so tempting to release a product called ‘nicotine’ and wait for the patches.
<etc> then i would have a reason to only apply one patch a day. otherwise, i’m going against medical advise.

So I thought what the hell and bluntly stole etc’s idea.

Hyriand, former Nicotine maintainer, 2003

Legal and Privacy


Nicotine+ is released under the terms of the GNU Public License v3 or later. For a list of contributors, see